What is philosophical anthropology?

3:e Cassirer-symposiet: ”What is philosophical anthropology?”, 3 juni 2006

During his exile in Sweden (and later on at Yale University), Ernst Cassirer gave lectures about philosophical anthropology […] These lectures and drafts were published for the first time at the end of 2005. On this occasion, and in the context of the renewed interest in philosophical anthropology, Cassirer’s approach should be compared with other approaches.

Med Mathias Gutmann (Marburg), John Michael Krois (Berlin), Hans-Peter Krüger (Potsdam), Sven-Eric Liedman (Göteborg), Olivia Mitscherlich (Potsdam), Mats Rosengren (Göteborg), Volker Schürmann (Leipzig), Christian Thies (Rostock) och Björn Wittrock (Uppsala).

Hans-Peter Krügers föreläsning finns utgiven i skriftserien Occasional Papers.