Kunskapsteori och vetenskapsstudier

Fredagen den 25 april kl. 13–16 hemsöks Institutionen för filosofi, lingvistik och vetenskapsteori vid Göteborgs universitet av Ernst Cassirer-sällskapet:

Cassirer’s postwar afterlife #2

Sal T340, Humanisten (“Gamla Hovrätten”)

What could a mostly forgotten figure such as the German-Jewish philosopher of culture Ernst Cassirer (1874–1945) possibly contribute to present-day philosophical and theoretical discussions? Quite a lot, as we hope to demonstrate with this seminar. As recent scholarship in the history of philosophy has proven beyond doubt, Cassirer never was that dusty old idealist for which too many have taken him ever since he – along with the tradition which he faithfully refashioned – was increasingly ostracized from philosophical debates in the course of the 1920s. From two different perspectives, Ingmar Meland and Andrej Slávik will make a joint plea for the continued relevance of his intellectual position.

Ingmar Meland (AHO, guest scholar at GU): “Cassirer’s non-reductionist concept of the unity of science”

Andrej Slávik (Chalmers): ”Coming out as a neo-Kantian: Latour and critical idealism”