Embodiment in cognition and culture

John Michael Krois, Mats Rosengren, Angela Steidele and Dirk Westerkamp (red.), Embodiment in cognition and culture (Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2007)

Conceptual links between natural sciences and the study of culture are rare. Such a link has emerged in the last decades under the heading of embodiment. The notions of ”embodied” or ”situated” cognition stand for a specific orientation in the study of intelligence and affection that has transformed cognitive science in the last two decades and which we believe has the potential to reorient cultural studies as well.

Denna antologi är resultatet av det internationella symposium på temat ”The body and embodiment” som Cassirer-sällskapet tre år tidigare var med om att anordna. Mer information om boken, inklusive en innehållsförteckning, återfinns på förlagets hemsida.