Symboliska former, symboliska ordningar

Varmt välkomna till 2016 års föreläsning till Ernst Cassirers minne! Fredagen den 4 november gästas vi av Robert Pfaller, professor i filosofi och kulturvetenskap vid Kunstuniversität Linz, som kommer att tala under rubriken:


Pfallers egna ord om temat:

One of the most surprising features of contemporary Western culture may be its utter hostility against everything that, until recently, it regarded as pleasant or elegant: smoking, drinking, wearing furs, driving cars, eating fat things, flirting etc. have all of a sudden become suspicious by many reasons. Comparing Ernst Cassirer’s accounts of culture with those by Sigmund Freud and Johan Huizinga may be revealing here in one point: culture does not only ”structure” human reality. It also provides certain ”orders”, injunctions to enjoyment, without which individuals, left alone, shy away from their best pleasures. We could thus say: culture meets its concept when it reconciles human beings with the happiness they fear.

Alltså: fredagen den 4 november kl. 16–18 i sal T302, Gamla hovrätten, Humanisten. Ingen föranmälan – bara att komma!