Symbolisk pregnans och estetisk innebörd

Varmt välkomna till 2017 års föreläsning till Ernst Cassirers minne! Fredagen den 12 maj gästas vi av Jeffrey Andrew Barash, professor emeritus i filosofi vid Université de Picardie, som kommer att tala under rubriken:


Barash’ egna ord om temat:

A central feature of our contemporary period, as it has emerged since the late 19th and early 20th centuries, has been the transformation of the function and significance of art as it is embodied in sculpture and the painted image. Using as a guide Ernst Cassirer’s broad conception of the symbol and, above all, of ”symbolic pregnance”, my talk aims to reach beyond the scope of Cassirer’s reflections on art, which tended to shy away from the topic of its 20th century exemplifications, in order to interpret its metamorphoses in the contemporary period. My investigation will be directed toward understanding the ”aesthetic sense” communicated by works of art following the collapse of the traditional role of classical notions, above all the ideal of beauty, in determining art’s significance.

Alltså: fredagen den 12 maj kl. 15–17 i sal T219, Gamla hovrätten, Humanisten. Ingen föranmälan – bara att komma!